About Paragon Filmworks


My name is Matthew Suchodolski and I am 30 years old living in Charleston, SC with my beautiful wife of twelve years and two wonderful children. I developed a passion for creating cinematic films as a teenager and have been dedicated to creating wedding narratives for the past eight years.

At Paragon Filmworks, we specialize in cinematic wedding stories not only in Charleston and the surrounding southeast areas, but world-wide, providing documentary-style coverage that is unobtrusive all while creating a narrative that tells the story of your special day. In a world where many options are available we take pride in separating ourselves by creating cinematic stories that are just that—stories. Our narratives are incredibly different to the present styles generally offered as beautiful moving images do not create a story. A wedding day consists of many special moments and dialog that tell a tale that spans many years.

We consult with our clients to establish their vision as everything is custom-tailored to their wishes. Not everyone has the same tastes or style and with deliberation and consideration we help bring those ideas into balance. We capture and bring the vision of the couple's wedding day to a cinematic wedding story that will be enjoyed for the years to come.